Brigadier General John Tuohy’s Speech: National Guard’s Role in Cybersecurity for the U.S. Power Grid This speech was given by Brigadier General John Tuohy at the Lexington Institute’s Capitol Hill event on the National Guard’s Role in Cybersecurity for the U.S. Power Grid on June 21, 2016. BG Tuohy is the Assistant Adjutant General of [Read More...]
Capitol Hill Event Videos: National Guard’s Role in Cybersecurity for the Power Grid – 6.21.16 The Lexington Institute hosted a Capitol Hill Forum on the National Guard’s Role in Cybersecurity for the U.S. Power Grid on Tuesday, June 21. Click on the names of the speakers below to view videos of their speeches. ______________________________________________________________________________ Videos [Read More...]
Challenges And Requirements For Tomorrow’s Electrical Power Grid Click here to download the 40-page report as PDF. Executive Summary As the United States economy and society have become more reliant on the uninterrupted flow of electricity, the power grid upon which it depends for that supply has [Read More...]
National Guard-Public Utility Collaboration: One Approach to Improving Grid Security The American people and critical stakeholders are increasingly aware that the nation’s electric power grid is vulnerable to a variety of attacks. Much attention has been focused on the threat of an electromagnetic pulse attack that could destroy much of [Read More...]
Blue-Green Intersections: Impacts of Water Shortages on Western State Energy Policies Click here to download the full report as PDF. Executive Summary California and Arizona, two of the nation’s leaders in renewable energy growth, are also among the states most severely impacted by severe water shortages.  In California, where aggressive targets [Read More...]
Five Reasons The U.S. Power Grid Is Overdue For A Cyber Catastrophe (From Forbes) Compared with other major industries, the electrical-power generation and distribution sector seems to be remarkably insulated from cyber threats.  There has never been a major power outage in the U.S. that is traceable to a cyber attack.  However, that day [Read More...]
Small Modular Nuclear Reactors Can Represent an Innovative Solution for America’s Shifting Energy Sector Click here to download the full report as PDF Executive Summary The United States is heavily reliant on nuclear power for its electricity.  Last year, six states used nuclear power for more than 45 percent of electricity generation, with 19 [Read More...]
Navy’s Investment In Advanced Capabilities Should Include Next Generation Lighting Even as the defense budget has shrunk and demands continue to grow for forward naval presence and crisis response, the U.S. Navy has been steadily investing in a wide range of new, even revolutionary capabilities. There is the new Ford-class [Read More...]
What Can Be Learned from the Northeast’s Use of Microgrids Click here to download the full study as PDF. Executive Summary As energy decisionmakers pursue strategies to bolster the resilience of the electric grid and to integrate renewable energy sources, an increasing number are turning to microgrids.  Microgrids are small-scale [Read More...]
The Biggest Underreported Energy Story Of 2015 There have been a lot of big energy stories over the past several months: the continuing price decline in oil, new rules for fracking on federal lands and the latest U.N. climate change summit. But the biggest and most underreported [Read More...]
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