Improving Educational Opportunities for Military Families From the Norfolk Virginian-Pilot The Administration of President Donald Trump reportedly plans to increase the numbers of the U.S. armed forces by at least 125,000 active-duty service members. Will Virginia be at the center of this planned growth? One factor [Read More...]
The Opportunity in Virginia’s Newest Charter School Plan When Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe took office three years ago, he made a commitment to ensuring equal opportunities for all of Virginia’s children central to his inaugural address.  “Common ground doesn’t move towards us, we move towards it,” became a [Read More...]
Better Serving Those Who Serve: Improving the Educational Opportunities of Military-Connected Students Key Findings Click here to download the full report as PDF. This report assesses the performance of schools in four states with large concentrations of active-duty military personnel who have children in the public school systems. They are Colorado, [Read More...]
Connecting Schools to the Future: Rethinking E-Rate (From Real Clear Education) In order to take advantage of cutting-edge technology and instructional approaches like personalizing learning, teachers and students need greater access to high-speed internet connectivity. The current operational, funding and regulatory structures of E-rate, a federal tax created to bring telephone [Read More...]
Schooling All Students For The New America: Seven Essential Steps to an Educational Moon Shot Our children live in an active and competitive experience-based world, where one-way schooling has become unacceptable and unhelpful. If ALL children really matter, then America must move to “individualize” educational opportunities and options and then “personalize” the instruction for each [Read More...]
How the Trump Administration Should Lead on Education (From Forbes) Should Americans expect the incoming Donald Trump Administration to have much impact on the nation’s schools? President-elect Donald J. Trump and Secretary of Education nominee Betsy DeVos will soon find themselves setting the national dialogue on education. They will be [Read More...]
Chancellor Wilson’s Brightly-Lit Road to Succeeding with the DC Public Schools The inspired choice of Antwan Wilson as new chancellor of the District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) brings to light several factors which should go a long way toward supporting his success in the dynamic education landscape of the Nation’s [Read More...]
Robinson or Schaffer Would Have Strong Impact as Education Secretary The leader President-elect Donald Trump selects to be Education Secretary will reveal a great deal about his administration’s priorities, and potential, to meaningfully influence American public education.   Two candidates, Gerard Robinson and Bob Schaffer, whose names appear on recent versions [Read More...]
What LELA Taught Me About Managing Systemic Change in Education I did not fully grasp what was ahead of me when I sent in my application to become part of the third Lexington Education Leadership Award (LELA) Fellowship. Was this another advertising scheme? Did I just win $10,000,000 from Ed [Read More...]
Will Congress Fund Personalized Learning This Year? What is the status of important funding decisions for personalized learning, such as the new Student Support and Academic Achievement block grant (Title IV of the Every Student Succeeds Act), Title I and other ed-tech funding sources and programs? [Read More...]
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