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The Army’s Repivot To Europe While the Obama Administration’s national security lens is firmly fixed on Asia and, to a lesser extent, the Middle East, the security situation in Europe grows increasingly dire. Russia continues to attempt to destabilize large swathes of Eastern Europe. The [Read More...]
Bill Fallon RIP The defense community, conservative movement, and nation lost a good friend over the holidays. Willard “Bill” Fallon was a great man; an Army helicopter pilot and intelligence officer, successful Capitol Hill aide and corporate strategist. Bill grew up on a [Read More...]
Army Nearing Decision On Who Will Protect Helicopters Against Heat-Seeking Missiles (From Forbes) The biggest threat to U.S. military helicopters flying in combat zones today is heat-seeking missiles.  The missiles have proliferated worldwide to a point where U.S. warfighters must assume enemies will have them, and newer versions are able to distinguish between [Read More...]
I Too Am Charlie Hebdo Every think tank blog or communique today ought to begin with these words. We who represent the essence of free speech need to mourn, honor and stand with our fallen comrades. The same should be the response by all media [Read More...]
Five Reasons Defense Lobbyists Are Facing Harder Times On Capitol Hill (From Forbes) It’s turning out to be a tough decade for defense lobbyists.  Military spending peaked just as the decade was beginning.  Then a resurgent GOP forced passage of the Budget Control Act capping discretionary spending (including defense) through 2021, and banned [Read More...]
Why Putin’s Russia Is The Biggest Threat To America In 2015 (From Forbes) Washington has a really poor track record in anticipating military crises, so don’t be surprised if economic sanctions the U.S. has led the West in imposing on Russia appear to have backfired a year from now.  Truth is, economic sanctions [Read More...]
Postal Service Must Come Clean on Costs From The Detroit News Early in 2015, the U.S. Postal Service will welcome a new chief executive — Megan Brennan, the first female postmaster general in the agency’s 200-plus-year history. She’ll have her work cut out for her. The agency, [Read More...]
The Emerging Global Aerospace And Defense Industrial Base For the moment, the epicenter of the evolving global aerospace and defense industrial base appears to be South Korea of all places. This week, Boeing and Airbus announced that they along with Korean Airlines would enter the competition to assist [Read More...]
Semper Fi: Five Features That Will Keep The U.S. Marine Corps Busy In 2015 And Beyond (From Forbes) The year 2014 will be remembered as a thoroughly awful year by U.S. military planners.  From West Africa to Eastern Europe to the Middle East to the Western Pacific, the world was aflame with violence and suffering.  The nicest thing [Read More...]
First KC-46 Tanker Takes Flight The future of U.S. airpower moved a major step further with the maiden flight of the first of four test variants of the Boeing KC-46 aerial refueling tanker. Based on the venerable B-767 design, the KC-46 is intended to begin [Read More...]
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