Biothreats Are Exploding. Firewalls and Fallout Shelters Won’t Help (From Forbes) Next month is the hundredth anniversary of the Spanish flu outbreak of 1918, which ultimately cost 50-100 million lives worldwide and reduced life expectancy in the U.S. by 12 years.  The most important reason to remember that devastating pandemic today [Read More...]
The Key To Success In Afghanistan Is Logistics (From RealClearDefense) A competent and sustainable Afghan security force is essential to the U.S. strategy of eventually transitioning security responsibilities to the Afghan government. For nearly two decades, the U.S. and its coalition partners have been struggling to help the government in [Read More...]
P-8 Poseidon: Countering Chinese Aggression in the Indo-Pacific (From RealClearDefense) China was on everyone’s mind at the 2018 Singapore Airshow earlier this month, as Beijing’s military continues to encroach on its neighbors’ naval territories and claim international waters for itself. To effectively combat China’s expansion into disputed waters, regional actors [Read More...]
Ozmen’s Selection For Space Council Advisory Group Signals Sierra Nevada’s Arrival As Major Player (From Forbes) The National Space Council disclosed on Tuesday of this week that Sierra Nevada Corporation CEO Fatih Ozmen has been selected as a candidate to join the council’s user advisory group.  This is a clear signal that privately-held SNC has ascended [Read More...]
The Air Force Is Missing Its Best Opportunity To Replace Aging Aircraft (From RealClearDefense) For the first time in decades, the Air Force is getting enough money in the fiscal 2019 budget to cover its near-term readiness needs and invest adequately in the future.  The service has disclosed bold plans to develop new warfighting [Read More...]
Department of Energy Risking Nuclear Deterrence and National Security (From RealClearDefense) According to the recent 2018 Nuclear Posture review, a smoothly functioning nuclear weapons industrial base is essential to a credible strategic deterrent. The Y-12 National Security Complex in Tennessee and the Pantex Plant in Texas are key sites that [Read More...]
Air Force Data Grab Raises Doubts About Its Acquisition Culture (From Forbes) Lockheed Martin took the unusual step this week of protesting an Air Force competition long before the winner is due to be selected.  The company complained that it was being pressed to provide technical data about its entry in the [Read More...]
Tanks To Ohio: How Trump’s Industrial Policy Shop Leverages Pentagon Spending To Create Jobs (From Forbes) One of the oddest features of policymaking in the federal government is that little effort is made to connect defense goals with economic goals.  Decisionmakers have often behaved as if there was no connection between the two areas.  Now the [Read More...]
Defense Firms Are Ready To Invest But Pentagon Must Make Good On Acquisition Reforms (From The National Interest) For years, senior Pentagon officials have been hectoring defense companies to put more “skin in the game” by increasing their spending on research and development and investing more of their own money on infrastructure and production technologies. The Pentagon wanted [Read More...]
The F-35 Could Help Create A Defense Architecture Across The Asia-Pacific Region (From Defense News) Proponents for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter have long insisted the aircraft would fundamentally transform air combat and ensure U.S. and allied dominance of the air domain for decades to come. The evidence from numerous exercises as well as initial [Read More...]
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