The Case For A Decapitating Strike Against North Korea’s Kim (From Forbes) As North Korea’s nuclear program progresses toward obtaining a strike capability against the United States, Washington will need to start thinking about concrete military options for defusing the threat. The most successful tactic might be a direct attack against Supreme [Read More...]
War Experience Provides America’s Industry With The Skills To Build Trump’s Wall (From The National Interest) War is the greatest engine of technological and organizational change. The fifteen-year fight against Islamic jihadist terrorist groups has proven this once again. The nature of these conflicts demanded the development of new intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance technologies, processes and [Read More...]
Trump Administration Is Writing Checks The U.S. Military May Not Be Able To Cash (From The National Interest) The Trump Administration is talking tough – cheered on by a Congress unwilling to eliminate sequestration or spend enough to address the force size and modernization problems – even as the combat capability of the U.S. military continues to decline. [Read More...]
Army Needs To Speed Up Efforts To Close Critical Capability Gaps (From The National Interest) Over the past year the U.S. Army has been conducting a Strategic Portfolio Analysis Review (SPAR) of its 780 weapons and equipment programs. Championed by Army Chief of Staff General Mark Milley, the key requirement of the SPAR is to [Read More...]
Pratt & Whitney Poised To Become Engine Of Growth For United Technologies (From Forbes) United Technologies is one of the world’s biggest industrial conglomerates, and it manages to get robust returns from all four of its major business units.  But the breakout performer going forward will likely be Pratt & Whitney, one of the [Read More...]
VIDEOS: CAPITOL HILL EVENT – Army Rapid Equipping Forum – 2.27.17 The Lexington Institute organized a Capitol Hill forum on Monday, February 27th to discuss U.S. Army rapid equipping needs. Topics discussed at this forum included enhanced lethality, force protection, aviation upgrades, battlefield communications, and electronic warfare. Click on the names [Read More...]
If Nuclear Deterrence Fails, What’s The Plan? (From RealClear Defense) U.S. nuclear strategy is focused mainly on deterring rational leaders in full control of their arsenals from contemplating aggression.  When foreign leaders aren’t rational or aren’t in full control of their arsenals, it doesn’t work so well.  Nor does it [Read More...]
Evolving Threats And Strategies Will Require More And Better ISR (From The National Interest) The last 16 years of continuous conflict with multiple terrorist organizations around the world taught the military one lesson: the importance of information, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities.  The conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan saw a revolution in ISR platforms, [Read More...]
U.S. Marines Send F-35 Fighters To South Korea — And A Signal To The North (From Forbes) The Pentagon disclosed recently that Marine F-35B fighters are operating in South Korea for the first time in joint training exercises with the Republic of Korea military. The exercises are conducted to assure the two allies can mesh seamlessly in [Read More...]
The Heart Of The F-35 Is Its Remarkable Engine (From RealClear Defense) For all the sound and fury about the cost of the F-35, the truth is that the price has been coming down at a brisk clip. In the early low rate initial production lots, the price of the F-35A was [Read More...]
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