Trump Pick To Lead Ex-Im Bank Looks Doomed As Free Market Ideologues Lose Ground In GOP (From Forbes) President Trump’s nominee to chair the U.S. Export-Import Bank did not fare well in a confirmation hearing Wednesday before the Senate banking committee.  While four other nominees to the bank’s board attracted few complaints, senators from both sides of the [Read More...]
Sanctions On Iran Will Isolate The United States (From RealClearDefense) The president’s decision to decertify the Iran nuclear deal under the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act and the House’s bipartisan bill passed last Thursday to impose sanctions on Iran for its ballistic missile program could isolate the U.S. by jeopardizing [Read More...]
Niger Tragedy Demonstrates The Need For More And Better Airborne Ground Surveillance (From The National Interest) In light of the events in Niger, the question members of Congress, journalists and other interested parties should be asking is, why isn’t there more support for U.S. forces on the ground in Africa, especially in those countries facing active [Read More...]
The Danger Of Buying The Air Force’s Next Ballistic Missile From The Lowest Bidder (From Forbes) The U.S. Air Force is responsible for two of the three legs in the nuclear triad.  In 2015 it awarded an engineering contract to develop the nation’s next long-range strategic bomber, and in August of this year it awarded two [Read More...]
A Near-Term Test Of The Army’s Acquisition Reform (From RealClearDefense) At the 2017 annual meeting of the Association of the United States Army earlier this month, the U.S. Army Chief of Staff, General Mark Milley, nearly blew the roof off the Washington Convention Center. Together with the Acting Secretary of [Read More...]
Boeing Thinks Airbus Is Making A Big Mistake With Bombardier Partnership (From Forbes) Early coverage of the proposed partnership between Airbus and Bombardier to build the latter company’s CSeries jetliners has made the deal sound like a setback for Boeing.  That isn’t the way Boeing sees it.  It could have gotten the same [Read More...]
Air Force Plan To Abort Replacement Of J-Stars Radar Planes Is Full Of Flaws (From Forbes) The Air Force’s tentative plan for abandoning replacement of J-Stars radar planes is beginning to come into focus.  As I foreshadowed in a Forbes article last month, it hinges on drones — particularly the 11 “Block 40” Global Hawk drones [Read More...]
A Must Read for Trump’s National Security Team (From RealClearDefense) A newly published report from the American Enterprise Institute, authored by Mackenzie Eaglen, Repair and Rebuild: Balancing New Military Spending for a Three Theater Strategy,  should be required reading for the entire national security establishment. The report’s author must [Read More...]
Raytheon May Have A Quick Fix For Seoul’s Vulnerability To North Korean Attack (From Forbes) The proximity of South Korea’s capital to North Korea is a huge complication for U.S. military planners trying to figure out how to deal with the nuclear threat posed by the North.  Because it is within 35 miles of the [Read More...]
Maritime Security: Five Reasons The Jones Act Is A Bargain (From Forbes) Recent hurricanes have reawakened critics of the 1920 Merchant Marine Act, better known as the Jones Act, which reserves waterborne commerce within the U.S. for domestic carriers.  No doubt about it, the law is a deviation from classic economic principles.  [Read More...]
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