A Real Missile Gap Is Looming In Hypersonic Weapons (From The National Interest) A new “missile gap” is emerging, one that is based in fact. This is the disparity between the United States and its main competitors, Russia and China, in the field of hypersonic weapons systems. A hypersonic vehicle is one that [Read More...]
Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg Has A Strategy That Will Work In Good Times And Bad (From Forbes) Boeing’s impressive earnings beat in the first quarter of 2018 reflects a company that is operating at the top of its game.  However, there is a lot more to the Boeing story than what is happening right now.  CEO Dennis [Read More...]
Modernizing NATO’s Nuclear Capabilities Must Outweigh Industrial Base Considerations (From RealClearDefense) Germany is a key player in NATO’s nuclear-sharing arrangements. In order to maintain this role, the Luftwaffe needs to acquire a nuclear-capable F-35 to replace its aging fleet of Tornado strike aircraft. The Russian threat is too dire and the [Read More...]
As Space War Looms, Air Force’s Biggest Weakness May Be How It Buys Satellites (From Forbes) Air Force leaders are expressing grave concern about recent Russian and Chinese initiatives aimed at negating America’s national-security space capabilities.  The satellite constellations on which the U.S. currently depends for communications, recon and warning of attack are not equipped to [Read More...]
Trump Drone Decree Signals Arms Exports Are Now A Key Feature Of U.S. Economic Policy (From Forbes) On April 19, the White House gave the defense industry long-sought relief from regulations limiting the export of drones.  A presidential memorandum loosened restrictions and committed the federal government to playing a more active role in promoting U.S. arms exports.   [Read More...]
Mega-Base: What Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Means For The Economy of Ohio (From Forbes) Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton, Ohio is the largest single-site employer in the Buckeye State and the center of Air Force innovation.  It is also a driver of regional growth, accounting for 14% of economic activity in the Dayton [Read More...]
Army Needs To Maintain Momentum On APS Technologies (From RealClearDefense) U.S. ground forces deployed in Europe had been reduced to a faint shadow of their former greatness. They lacked heavy armor, combat aviation, long-range fires, short-range air defense and electronic warfare. In addition, historically low rates of investment left the [Read More...]
The U.S. Is Building Its Own Anti-Access Air And Missile Defense System (From RealClearDefense) Over the past several years, much attention has been focused on efforts by this country’s competitors to create an anti-access/area denial environment (A2/AD) designed to defeat U.S. power projection capabilities. A central feature of the canonical A2/AD threat is an [Read More...]
How Boeing’s KC-46 Next-Gen Tanker Will Set The Global Standard For Aerial Refueling (From Forbes) Boeing is developing a versatile aerial refueling tanker for the U.S. Air Force that will be a game-changer for the joint force and overseas allies.  The tanker is critical to future military operations because many key destinations in Europe and [Read More...]
Biowar: A Guide To The Coming Plague Years (From Forbes) Threats to national security aren’t as predictable now as they were during the Cold War.  The one thing many recent threats have in common is that they are “asymmetric” — they aim to attack America where it is least ready [Read More...]
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