Defense Management is Success for Clinton Article Published in the Federal Times With coalition warfare currently being conducted in the Balkans, it’s a little early to be rendering any definitive judgements on Bill Clinton’s record as commander in chief. But it’s not too early to identify [Read More...]
Don’t Wedge the Pentagon Between Today and Tomorrow Article Published in Business Week In “The Pentagon: High-Tech Dreams, Low-Tech Wars (April 19),” he reported that the U.S. military is caught between buying new high-tech gear for tomorrow’s wars, while not having enough munitions and spare parts to handle [Read More...]
Air War: Too Costly in Every Way Letter to the Editor Published in The New York Times To The Editor: The chart depicting military-aircraft operating costs that accompanied Eric Schmidtt’s May 2 Week in Review report offered a telling lesson about war costs. It showed that the [Read More...]
The Next War Article Published in The Washington Monthly It seems that retired Army Lt. Col. Ralph Peters could have had a great pitching career. I don’t know if he’s ever picked up a baseball, but the way he heaves rocks indicates a [Read More...]
U.S. Shipbuilders: The Tide Begins To Turn Article Published in the Sea Power Magazine There is a saying among economists that a rising tide lifts all boats. With defense spending expected to rise significantly in the years ahead, the nation’s shipbuilders hope that adage also applies to [Read More...]
Graying Airpower Puts U.S. At Risk Article Published in Aviation Week and Space Technology Every year the U.S. Air Force puts on an “Aerospace Power Demonstration” in Florida to display to the public its proficiency in wielding the weapons of modern air warfare. It’s the service’s [Read More...]
Converted Submarines Could Bolster U.S. Power Projection Article Published in the Defense News “Power projection” can be a difficult concept to understand in the abstract. It is a nation’s ability to make its military might felt beyond its borders — as diplomacy’s coercive underpinning, deterrence or in [Read More...]
Fear of Flying: America’s Aging Fleet of Military Aircraft Mr. Chairman and Members of the Subcommittee, thank you for inviting me to participate in today’s discussion of aging military equipment. I will limit my remarks to military aircraft, the area where aging equipment raises the most serious operational and [Read More...]
In the Old Dominion Resides the Heart of America’s Military Tradition Article Published in the Richmond Times-Dispatch It’s remarkable how important Virginia remains to the nation’s military security and tradition. The lynchpin of Colonial America’s struggle against the British Empire, the focal point of the Civil War, and home to the [Read More...]
Air Force Benefits From Congressional, Pentagon Support Of Fleet Modernization Article Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) is perhaps the most challenging of all Air Force missions: flying low and slow at night, in bad weather and while using terrain to mask their approach, and often without the benefit of surprise, [Read More...]
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