Addressing NATO’s Near-Term Capability Gaps Executive Summary Click here to read the full report as a PDF. For the first time in more than a generation, NATO must confront the possibility of major conventional conflict with Russia. This has completely overturned NATO’s defense strategy as [Read More...]
Five Reasons The Marine Corps Is The Future Of U.S. Ground Combat (From Forbes) After many years of fighting the global war on terror, the Marine Corps is returning to its roots as a naval expeditionary force focused on maneuver warfare and amphibious operations.  Its timing is exquisite, because Marine competencies look well suited [Read More...]
Marine Corps’ New ‘Holy Grail’ of ACVs: A Big Step Forward (From RealClearDefense) With its decision to acquire the BAE Systens version of the Amphibious Combat Vehicle (ACV), the U.S. Marine Corps took a big step forward in building a force for the 21st Century. This is one in a series of procurement [Read More...]
Trump’s ‘Space Force’ Motivated By Russian, Chinese Threats To Critical U.S. Orbital Systems (From Forbes) President Trump announced today that he has directed the military to establish a sixth branch for conducting operations in space.  The plan is a surprise, but it is arguably timely because Russian and Chinese threats to critical U.S. orbital assets [Read More...]
Invisible Scourge: The Danger of Chemical or Biological Attack on America is Growing Fast EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Click here to read the full report as a PDF. The danger of a chemical or biological attack against the U.S. homeland is growing.  In the case of chemical threats, thousands of sites around the world manufacture precursors [Read More...]
The Army Must Balance Expensive Modernization with Lower Cost Upgrades (From The National Interest) The current defense budget environment is different from previous eras. While resources are available, the Department of Defense must both introduce new, even revolutionary, capabilities in order to re-establish overmatch vis-à-vis global competitors and replace entire fleets of support aircraft [Read More...]
VIDEOS: CAPITOL HILL EVENT – Cybersecurity of the Electric Grid – 6.8.18 The Lexington Institute hosted a Cybersecurity of the Electric Grid Capitol Hill Forum on Friday, June 8th at 12pm.   Speakers: Mr. Bryson Bort, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, SCYTHE Mr. Cade Burks, Chief Digital Officer, Big Data Energy Mr. [Read More...]
Lockheed, Pratt Disclose F-35 Cost-Cutting Moves As Air Force Secretary Presses For Economies (From Forbes) The Air Force will be absorbing 72% of the F-35 fighter domestic production run, so Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson is pressing contractors to reduce costs — not just for building the plane, but for operating it once it is [Read More...]
Gen. Milley Is Right: The U.S. Army Is On The Mend (From Defense News) Last month, in an appearance before the Defense Subcommittee of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army Gen. Mark Milley provided a notably upbeat assessment of the state of his service: “The Army is on the [Read More...]
Trump’s Korea Nuclear Deal Could Change the Focus of U.S. Missile Defense (From Forbes) North Korea probably will not give up its nuclear arsenal, but in the aftermath of the Singapore summit, it is worth considering what such an outcome might mean for the U.S. missile defense program.  If the North Korean nuclear threat [Read More...]
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