Why Washington Is Certain To Find Canada’s Bombardier Guilty Of Trade Abuses Next Week (From Forbes) Federal regulators are expected to issue a preliminary finding next week concerning Boeing’s petition to slap hefty duties on U.S. imports of Montreal-based Bombardier’s C Series jetliners. There isn’t much doubt how the government will rule, because this is an [Read More...]
The U.S. Air Force’s Vital Role In Iraq And Afghanistan (From RealClearDefense) Despite being at war for the past 16 years, few Americans understand the extent of the U.S. Air Force’s role in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is because available information is incomplete, highly technical, and frequently classified. With the reveal of [Read More...]
Why Foreign Military Sales Are Always Worth Less Than The Published Number (From Forbes) Arms sales to overseas partners are a major tool of U.S. foreign policy, but getting a clear picture of what deals are worth is not easy.  The number that usually gets cited in media accounts is the congressional notification figure, [Read More...]
To Defend Europe, NATO Must Deploy More and Better Armored Forces (From RealClearDefense) Just a few years ago, Western military leaders were all but certain that the era of the tank was over. As a result, they unwisely did away with the world’s foremost armored fighting force. But now Russia is back and [Read More...]
Getting The Most From The Army’s Humvee Fleet (From The National Interest) The tragedy of Hurricane Harvey provided a clear demonstration of the National Guard’s role in responding to natural disasters and domestic crises. The entire Texas Guard contingent has been deployed along with units from more than a dozen states. Nearby [Read More...]
Rocket Motors May Provide An Early Test Of Trump Industrial Policy — And Air Force Space Plans (From Forbes) In August, the Air Force awarded competing development contracts to Boeing and Northrop Grumman for the design of a successor to the Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile.  The program is crucial to maintaining America’s nuclear deterrent through mid-century, but the [Read More...]
Pratt & Whitney Finds Fixes For India’s Geared Turbofans As Engine Production Ramps Up (From Forbes) Pratt & Whitney’s breakthrough geared turbofan engine has encountered some modest turbulence during its introduction into the Indian market, thanks to premature wear on two engine parts.  Because the parts need to be replaced in repair shops and there aren’t [Read More...]
Rethinking Radar Plane Recap: Will The Air Force Let The Army Down Again? (From Forbes) After spending $265 million developing a replacement for the vital Joint Surveillance and Target Attack Radar System — JSTARS — Air Force leaders suddenly have decided to rethink the whole effort. They want to do yet another analysis of alternatives [Read More...]
America’s Homeland Missile Defense System Is Much More Effective Than Critics Claim (From Forbes) As the threat posed by North Korea’s nuclear-weapons program to the U.S. homeland increases, critics of missile defense are dredging up outdated arguments about why Washington can’t protect the public.  They say that the Ground-based Midcourse Defense, which was conceived [Read More...]
Easing The Pacific Fleet’s ISR Burden (From RealClearDefense) The U.S. Seventh Fleet has a yawning gap in its reconnaissance capabilities.  It can’t see many types of surface threats in sufficient detail to track and target them without putting U.S. warfighters at risk.  What it needs is an airborne  [Read More...]
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