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Education Department’s Untimely Shift To Fragmented IT System Is Putting Student Loans At Risk (From Forbes) The U.S. Department of Education is implementing a radical transformation of its information systems at the height of the student loan season, and the effort could falter badly.  Specifically, the department is shifting from a system in which a single [Read More...]
Army Aviation Dodges A Bullet In Latest Budget Cliffhanger (From Forbes) The U.S. Army operates the largest fleet of military helicopters in the world, but during the Obama years it did not get enough money to modernize a force in which all of the frontline rotorcraft first saw action during the [Read More...]
GMD: The Only Program That Can Stop A North Korean Nuclear Warhead From Reaching America (From Forbes) North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has made no secret of his efforts to obtain a nuclear strike capability against America.  That is a huge security challenge because Kim may not be deterrable in the way we believe Russian and [Read More...]
U.S. Air Force’s Helicopter Plan Ignores Mattis’ Reform Guidance (From RealClearDefense) The U.S. Air Force urgently needs to replace its decrepit fleet of UH-1N helicopters, which provides security for Minuteman III missiles and emergency transport for senior government officials. However, the way the Air Force is going about picking the replacement [Read More...]
Five Reasons Trump Won’t Reverse The U.S. Military’s Long Decline (From Forbes) Donald Trump ran for the presidency promising that he would rebuild America’s military.  The joint force definitely needs renewal, but after 100 days in office, Trump doesn’t look like the leader who can accomplish it.  For starters, the military has [Read More...]
The Case For A Decapitating Strike Against North Korea’s Kim (From Forbes) As North Korea’s nuclear program progresses toward obtaining a strike capability against the United States, Washington will need to start thinking about concrete military options for defusing the threat. The most successful tactic might be a direct attack against Supreme [Read More...]
Pratt & Whitney Poised To Become Engine Of Growth For United Technologies (From Forbes) United Technologies is one of the world’s biggest industrial conglomerates, and it manages to get robust returns from all four of its major business units.  But the breakout performer going forward will likely be Pratt & Whitney, one of the [Read More...]
If Nuclear Deterrence Fails, What’s The Plan? (From RealClear Defense) U.S. nuclear strategy is focused mainly on deterring rational leaders in full control of their arsenals from contemplating aggression.  When foreign leaders aren’t rational or aren’t in full control of their arsenals, it doesn’t work so well.  Nor does it [Read More...]
U.S. Marines Send F-35 Fighters To South Korea — And A Signal To The North (From Forbes) The Pentagon disclosed recently that Marine F-35B fighters are operating in South Korea for the first time in joint training exercises with the Republic of Korea military. The exercises are conducted to assure the two allies can mesh seamlessly in [Read More...]
BAE Systems, Third Biggest Global Military Contractor, Approaches Major Leadership Change (From Forbes) On June 30, BAE Systems chief executive Ian King will retire, and the next day he will be succeeded in that position by Charles Woodburn, 46, a longtime executive in the global energy sector.  Mr. Woodburn inherits an enterprise that [Read More...]
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