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The Army’s Other Major Aviation Modernization Program (From RealClearDefense) The U.S. Army believes that future high-end conflicts will require aviation assets, particularly helicopters, which are long range, fast-moving and highly lethal. Future military helicopters will need to lift more weight, generate greater power and use less fuel. The Army [Read More...]
The Key To Success In Afghanistan Is Logistics (From RealClearDefense) A competent and sustainable Afghan security force is essential to the U.S. strategy of eventually transitioning security responsibilities to the Afghan government. For nearly two decades, the U.S. and its coalition partners have been struggling to help the government in [Read More...]
Defense Firms Are Ready To Invest But Pentagon Must Make Good On Acquisition Reforms (From The National Interest) For years, senior Pentagon officials have been hectoring defense companies to put more “skin in the game” by increasing their spending on research and development and investing more of their own money on infrastructure and production technologies. The Pentagon wanted [Read More...]
The F-35 Could Help Create A Defense Architecture Across The Asia-Pacific Region (From Defense News) Proponents for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter have long insisted the aircraft would fundamentally transform air combat and ensure U.S. and allied dominance of the air domain for decades to come. The evidence from numerous exercises as well as initial [Read More...]
Drones Will Surpass IED Threat In Future Conflicts (From RealClearDefense) The weapon system that personified the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan and shaped the behavior of the U.S. military for almost fifteen years was the Improvised Explosive Device (IED). IEDs were responsible for approximately two-thirds of U.S. and Coalition casualties [Read More...]
Lockheed Martin’s F-35: How the Joint Strike Fighter is Becoming a Key Missile Defense Sensor (From The National Interest) Airpower enthusiasts have long promised that the introduction of fifth generation combat aircraft, particularly the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) when it is finally fielded in numbers, will change the nature of air warfare. The F-35’s combination of stealth, maneuverability, [Read More...]
Army’s Acquisition Reform Must Be Even Bolder (From RealClearDefense) The Army’s leadership has taken a number of bold steps to reform its sclerotic acquisition system. Army Secretary Mark Esper and Chief of Staff General Mark Milley have set very ambitious goals for a revamped acquisition system. Secretary Esper has [Read More...]
Maneuver SHORAD: First Success For Army Acquisition Reform? (From RealClearDefense) A relatively short time has passed since the Army Chief of Staff, General Mark Milley and then-Acting Army Secretary, Kevin McCarthy, announced their intentions to radically alter their Service’s acquisition system. Nevertheless, it is not too early to look for [Read More...]
Paladin: What’s Right And Wrong With Army Modernization (From RealClearDefense) In 1963, the U.S. Army introduced the M109A1 155mm turreted self-propelled howitzer, called the Paladin. The Paladin has seen service in every American conflict from the Vietnam War to the present. It is currently the primary fire support system for [Read More...]
Why America Needs A New Upper Stage Rocket More Than a Russian RD-180 Replacement (From The National Interest) Space launch vehicles usually require both first and upper stages to accelerate the spacecraft to speeds necessary to place payloads in their intended orbits. The workhorse of U.S. space launch is the Atlas V rocket. The Atlas V uses a [Read More...]
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