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New Artillery Rounds Will Help Restore America’s Conventional Deterrence (From The National Interest) Once upon a time, the U.S. was the world’s sole military superpower. Commentators coined the phrase “the American way of war.” This term referred primarily to the employment of superior air and space capabilities to dominate the initial period of [Read More...]
Choosing A New Trainer Might Prove Challenging For The Air Force (From The National Interest) Later this year, the U.S. Air Force will select a company to build a new jet trainer designated T-X to replace the aging T-38 Talon. Although not a large procurement, the Air Force plans to acquire just 350 aircraft, it [Read More...]
Was A Trump Doctrine Unveiled In Poland? (From RealClearDefense) In his speech on Thursday in Warsaw, Poland, President Trump did more than merely reassure our European allies of America’s commitment to NATO and Article V. What he presented could be called the outlines of a Trump Doctrine, one unlike [Read More...]
Putin Seeking To Build Edifice Of Great Power On A Base Of Sand (From RealClearDefense) Russian President Vladimir Putin is driven by a myopic vision of restoring his country’s erstwhile glory and consumed with a sense of personal pique that prompts him to attempt to build a resurgent Russia. But this edifice is being built [Read More...]
Defense Firms Rapidly Evolving to Address New Challenges (From RealClearDefense) In the 21st century, Aerospace and Defense (A&D) companies took a different approach to a changing defense environment. Rather than seeking to capture a larger share of the declining market, they focused on becoming more efficient and gaining dominance in [Read More...]
Buying Smarter Saves The Pentagon Money (From RealClearDefense) Buying aircraft, ships and vehicles in a block or through multi-year contracts allows the Pentagon to save billions of dollars. Long lead items and expensive components can be purchased in economical quantities. The supply chain can be managed to ensure [Read More...]
Despite Opposition To President Trump’s Wall, The Southern Border Is Being Secured (From RealClearDefense) The White House and Democrats in Congress continue to fight over the President’s plan to build a wall along the border with Mexico. A physical barrier is one way to secure the border, but not always the most cost-effective solution. [Read More...]
America’s Industrial Might Is Working To End The Drone Threat (From The National Interest) Countering hostile drones has become a priority for the U.S. military, particularly the Army and Marine Corps. The response by industry and government laboratories to this urgent need for means of detecting and defeating hostile drones has been nothing short [Read More...]
The Paris Air Show Will Showcase America’s Aerospace Industrial Might (From The National Interest) Historically, the biennial Paris Air Show has provided a snapshot of the state of aerospace industries around the world. The 2017 event at Le Bourget near Paris is likely to be no different. Two F-35A Joint Strike Fighters will conduct [Read More...]
Why The Future Of America’s Nuclear Navy Rests With A Single Company (From The National Interest) As the name implies, the character of the U.S. nuclear Navy, which consists of more than 50 attack and strategic ballistic missile submarines as well as all the aircraft carriers, is determined by its unique power plants. Nuclear power allows [Read More...]
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