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Will the U.S. Army Tolerate a U.S. Air Force ‘Bait And Switch’ On J-Stars Replacement?  (From The National Interest) Since it was first deployed during the 1991 Persian Gulf War, the Joint Surveillance and Target Attack Radar System (J-Stars) airborne ground surveillance aircraft has made a major contribution to the U.S. Army and Marine Corps’ attainment of decisive over [Read More...]
Will Business As Usual in Acquisition Defeat the U.S. Army? (From RealClearDefense) The Army leadership hasn’t effectively communicated the message to the acquisition system that war may soon be coming and that the priority is to field systems that ameliorate critical capabilities gaps as soon as possible. Instead, for the acquisition system [Read More...]
7 Ways To Enhance The US Military’s Humvee Fleet (From Defense News) The most common vehicle operated by the U.S. military is the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle, or Humvee.  There are some 110,000 in the U.S. Army alone. More than 60 foreign militaries operate around 250,000 Humvees. There is a plan [Read More...]
NATO Needs A Long-Term Strategy To Counter Russia (From RealClearDefense) Russia has been at war with the West for more than a decade. Putin and other Russian leaders have made it clear that they believe the West started this war, employing primarily non-military means to destabilize the Russian government and [Read More...]
The U.S. Navy Needs To Build More Attack Submarines (From RealClearDefense) The U.S. Navy’s fleet of attack submarines, SSNs, is one of the most potent military platforms in the world. The problem for the submarine force is that the need for attack boats is rising precisely as the largest fraction of [Read More...]
To Defend Europe, NATO Must Deploy More and Better Armored Forces (From RealClearDefense) Just a few years ago, Western military leaders were all but certain that the era of the tank was over. As a result, they unwisely did away with the world’s foremost armored fighting force. But now Russia is back and [Read More...]
Getting The Most From The Army’s Humvee Fleet (From The National Interest) The tragedy of Hurricane Harvey provided a clear demonstration of the National Guard’s role in responding to natural disasters and domestic crises. The entire Texas Guard contingent has been deployed along with units from more than a dozen states. Nearby [Read More...]
United Parcel Service Is On The Forefront Of The Revolution In Healthcare Most of us interact with package delivery companies such as the United Parcel Service (UPS) and FedEx at our front door, as these companies bring our online purchases and whisk away items that looked better on eBay. Without the efficient, [Read More...]
Why the Landing Craft Air Cushion is Crucial to the U.S. Marines’ Amphibious Operations (From The National Interest) For the foreseeable future, in order to get significant forces from ship-to-shore the Marine Corps will rely on the Navy’s fleet of specialized vessels, the Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC). First deployed in 1984, the LCAC revolutionized amphibious operations. The [Read More...]
A-29 Super Tucano – A Force Multiplier in COIN (From RealClearDefense) The U.S. Air Force recognized the need to rebuild an Afghan Air Force (AAF) and provide it with a Light Air Support (LAS) aircraft suited to both that country’s operational environment and its limited financial, technical and human resources. The [Read More...]
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