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California To Decide Fate of Independent Energy Providers The California Public Utilities Commission will vote December 15 on a proposal encouraging utilities to embrace distributed energy resources. Changes in consumer preferences, technological progress, and legislative and regulatory shifts have created an environment for the expansion of distributed energy [Read More...]
President Obama Supports Debt Relief for Greece (From The National Interest) Greece has implemented financial reforms, and now it is time to restructure Athens’ debt to allow its struggling economy to grow. Sustainable debt would increase investor confidence, improve the country’s credit rating, and play a significant role as to whether [Read More...]
How California Is Protecting Its Critical Infrastructure from Cyber Threats (from The National Interest) To protect power grid integration from cyber threats in California, the California Public Utilities Commission has funded a cyber information sharing program, California Energy Systems for the 21st Century (CES-21). According to Jamie Van Randwyck, project lead for Lawrence Livermore [Read More...]
The Adaptive Engine Transition Program Will Revolutionize Combat Aircraft Performance (from The National Interest) American air power is critical to mission success – it provides precision strike, rapid logistics, detailed reconnaissance and air dominance while denying those advantages to adversaries. It is essential that the U.S. continue to advance its air power to outpace [Read More...]
NATO’s Urgent Effort to Deter Russian Aggression Russia’s hybrid warfare and anti-access, area-denial (A2/AD) capabilities have caused great concern among neighboring nations. Moscow’s aggressiveness is viewed as seeking to weaken the NATO alliance and European partnerships. As a result, many European countries view Russia as a threat, [Read More...]
NATO’s Foothold in Eastern Med Is Faltering Greece and Turkey are North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) members that are geopolitically important to the West. One thing Athens and Ankara have in common is that their domestic challenges have motivated them to look to Beijing and Moscow for [Read More...]
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